Whoops, what a great start.

Yeah, I’ve already failed at this daily blog idea I said I wanted to do, what a mess that turned out to be. 

Now I’ve “tried” to apologise (sorry) I’m now going to explain how I’ve progressed since my last post.

I’ve had to fall back on a feature I wanted to add into my game, the high score initials.

Highscore issues:

I really tried to put it in and as I thought the game jam was coming close to ending I decided to leave it to rank and score, it really works well as it is but names might come back into the mix near the end if I have time.


I’ve not got any real progress on the audio side of things, not added or removed anything, even still get the terrible audio jingle I put in the previous post.


Again not much has changed apart from the starting position of player one and player two, check out some snaps from my game.

Link to the original post on my blog: http://lwcreations.duckdns.org/dev-blog/whoops-what-a-great-start/

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