Redesign time

Hello all you guys out there in the universe, back again with another one of these dev log things.

This time I want to announce that Untitled Arcade Game has had a graphics revamp in v1.25 and I'm really quite happy how well it turned out, I had a brainwave this week to redesign the game in stages, first is to make the stage graphics feel more more defined and make some changes to the overall colour scheme of the game. 

Next I will be changing the way the game plays and adding multiple stages with different layouts, I've been busy making some stage layouts on paper already but as this will be a drastic change to the way the game operates I will be making it optional via settings, this will obviously take some time to do and will come in the next major update v2.00.

Also as a little bonus I created a desktop wallpaper for computers, I just did this for a bit of fun so I hope you all like it.

I hope you all give it a go and enjoy playing my take on an arcade game.


Untitled Arcade Game V1.25 8 MB
Jul 31, 2020
Untitled Arcade Game Desktop Wallpaper 1 MB
Jul 31, 2020
Untitled Arcade Game V1.12 - Before Redesign 8 MB
Jul 26, 2020

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